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We develop knowledge infrastructures for conservation, restoration, and sustainable development. We specialize in supporting clients who work in medium-to-large-scale environments, whether an ecosystem, watershed, or metropolitan area. 

Leveraging our decades of experience with natural resource data management, business analysis, Big Data analytics, open standards, and mobile technology, we are ready to design and develop the perfect software solution for you. If you want us to design and build a software solution for you, contact us.

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Our Commitment to Making Tech More Inclusive

To us, embracing diversity means working alongside people from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences and valuing the differences that make us more productive, smarter, and happier.

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How Monitoring and Modifying Water Usage Can Reverse Aquifer Depletion

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Sitka's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

We believe that embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion will make us ​more productive, smarter, and happier. ​

Working alongside people from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences provides more perspectives and results in better solutions and opportunities for everyone.​

Transforming how natural resource programs use information is extremely challenging work that requires a spectrum of viewpoints that we need on our teams. ​

Partnering with our customers to thoughtfully design and execute natural resource programs will improve outcomes for people from all walks of life.

We value differences – ​age, color, physical ability, race, family or marital status, ​gender identity, religion, nationality, body shape or size, ​ sexual orientation, thinking and communication styles – ​that make each of us unique. ​

Sitka’s corporate culture is intentionally built on mutual respect​ and recognizes that the collective sum of our differences and experiences​
yields stronger relationships and shared success​ for ourselves and our customers.

We Deliver Three Types of Value

Realizing Operational Efficiencies

Turning Field Data into Actionable Intelligence

Tracking Performance Against Social and Ecological Goals

Dad + Children + Nature

We build technology solutions to

ensure healthy ecosystems for future generations

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Areas of Speciality

Data Management

Environmental Monitoring

Implementation Tracking

Workflow Analysis

Key Indicator Reporting

Thanks to the Sitka team for continuing to think of new and innovative ways for us to refine the system and make it more efficient and effective. We're making incredible progress!

Kenneth Kasman | Research & Analysis Manager, Tahoe Regional Planning Agency

What We Do

Sitka Design Principles

We help our clients develop knowledge infrastructures that are specific to social and ecological situations. These infrastructures bolster organization capacities, enabling cycles of adaptive and effective management.

Sitka has helped us be more efficient and effective in fulfilling our mission of protecting and restoring natural areas and developing parks and trails.

Kathleen Brennan-Hunter | Parks and Nature Director, Metro

Deployed System Successes

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Endangered Species Act

National Environmental Policy Act

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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April 7, 2021

Lake Tahoe Threshold Evaluation and Dashboard Launch

The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency's draft 2019 Threshold Evaluation on the all-new Threshold Dashboard has been released. The 2019 Threshold Evaluation is the first to be all digital and presented in an online, interactive dashboard.

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March 22, 2021

A Few Personal Insights After Attending My 5th ProjectFirma User Group

I recently attended my fifth ProjectFirma user group since joining Sitka in early 2020. These quarterly meetings give ProjectFirma community members a chance to connect, share insights, and learn about new product updates. They also provide us with valuable feedback on how the platform is utilized and areas we can improve. Since my very first user group, I’ve been continually encouraged to see the community's energy to maximize the potential of ProjectFirma!

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January 8, 2021

Our Commitment to Making Tech More Inclusive

No one could have predicted how last year would turn out. The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted how many businesses function, and while some of these changes are only temporary, like remote-only workplaces, other aspects will remain different from here on out. It is impossible to separate the link between the shutdown-spurred economic fallout and increased presence of racial justice movements. COVID-19 has disproportionately affected communities of color, making it imperative that businesses and organizations adopt more inclusive practices.

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