Sitka Technology Group

Arielle Bakoss

UX Designer

UX Designer
(503) 808-1235

Born and raised in NYC, Arielle left her home and moved to Oakland, CA for college. She studied Sociology and ethnographic research where she earned her degree from Mills College. Upon graduating, she was ready for a change. She completed a Wilderness First Responder course and left the States for a 10-month trip through New Zealand where she worked on ranches and farms throughout the North Island. 

At the end of this adventure, she bounced between Los Angeles and New York City for a few years where she worked in fundraising and community/project management roles. It was while working at FirstService Residential as an assistant project manager that she was first introduced to UX Design. She quickly realized this was the path for her and fully committed herself to Pratt Institute’s Masters in Information Science and User Experience Design program. 

After a few years back on the east coast, Arielle was ready to return west and set her sights on the Pacific Northwest. After seeing an opening at Sitka, she was sold when learning about Sitka’s focus on moral tech. 

Outside of work, Arielle loves spending time with a good book, long distance bike riding, and backcountry camping.