Sitka Technology Group

Chris Gheen

Software Architect

Software Architect

Chris joined Sitka in 2011 and has been instrumental in helping Sitka develop and support its regional environmental monitoring platform. When crews are in the field entering data via the iPad interface, his days can get busy in a hurry. The team approach to identifying and addressing user issues really helps keep customers happy and in production.

Chris first started creating his own computer games in BASIC as a middle school student. “I like to think of those early games like Warhammer with a text interface.” Chris earned his B.S. in Software Engineering from Oregon Institute of Technology. “Working with software is like a puzzle, only much easier without my adorable daughter eating the small pieces..."

Chris, his wife, and puzzle-eating daughters live in Beaverton, providing him with the opportunity to experience a Portlandia commute each morning. Which are the best food carts in downtown Portland? Khob Khun Thai Food By Veli and Brunchbox. Voodoo Doughnuts is an honorary selection even though they’ve moved indoors.