Sitka Technology Group

Clancy Hewitt

System Administrator

System Administrator

Clancy didn’t just bring his “can do” attitude to Sitka; he also brought a wealth of data networking and information security know-how. In his role, he is responsible for monitoring and managing all Sitka’s cutting-edge web, mobile, and cloud applications.

Growing up in Florida, Clancy spent significant time in nature as he worked towards and earned his Eagle Scout badge. After graduating cum laude from Liberty University with a Bachelor of Technology, he has held roles of increasing importance with Comcast and CiviTek. When he landed his current position at Sitka, he was excited to combine his job with his passion: the environment. Clancy and his family are excited to experience all the left coast has to offer.

Outside of work, you can expect to find him busy biking with his kids, fly fishing, roasting his own coffee, or brewing his own beer.