Sitka Technology Group

Erica Patterson

Business Analyst

Business Analyst

Erica received a bachelor of science in Fish Wildlife and Conservation Biology and a master of science in Conservation Leadership through Learning from Colorado State University. Her honors thesis outlined the effects of climate change and wildfire on subalpine forests in the western United States, and her capstone detailed a management plan for Bladen Nature Reserve in Toledo, Belize.

Erica has been a wilderness ranger in Missoula, Montana, a biological technician for Prince William Sound Science Center in Alaska, a consultant with Ya'axché Conservation Trust in Belize, a communication specialist with USGS in Fort Collins, Colorado, and a field technician with Forest Park Conservancy in Portland, Oregon.

Her education and past work experience make her a perfect fit for her current role as a business analyst for Sitka.

When not working in support of nature conservation, you’ll most likely find her playing her violin or fiddle, baking wedding cakes, going on long-distance runs, backpacking, traveling the world, or touring Alaska with a handful of close friends in a 1987 Winnebago.