Sitka Technology Group

John Vivio

Software Engineer

Software Engineer

John migrated to the Pacific Northwest from California for quicker access to outdoor adventures and to escape the perpetually sunny and dry climate. He spent 2013 in South America ascending to new heights both in terms of altitude (19,112 ft) and his Spanish language skills (4 word phrases). John holds a Wilderness First Responder credential, has worked as a backcountry guide, and hopes to improve his technical skills in mountaineering being in such close proximity to the Cascades.

Even before landing at Sitka, John has pursued technology solutions to environmental problems for many years. He earned a B.S. in Computer Science from UC San Diego with coursework in Environmental Systems. On the computing side, John has worked on the distributed database systems within Amazon’s Web Services platform and distributed machine learning applications with the Ads Review team at Google. On the environmental side, John worked as a summer intern for the Biological and Ecological Department at Oregon State University collecting and analyzing data on the effects of engineered log jams on salmon watersheds in HJ Andrews Experimental Research Forest.

John is no stranger to hard work. Even in his time off work, you can find him working hard to adapt to life as an Oregonian:  exploring the craft beer scene, climbing at a local gym, navigating Portland’s biking scene, and trying out new sauerkraut recipes in his SE apartment.