Sitka Technology Group

Kimberly Kovash

Queen of Accounting & Recruitment

Queen of Accounting & Recruitment

“My first career aspiration was to wear a fabulous, glittery costume and ride an elephant in the circus.” Unfortunately, we don’t get to see much of those princess outfits that “Kimmer” once donned as a young girl, as the sparkles tend to obscure the accounting details she so adroitly manages. Thanks to her close watch, accounts payable and receivable stay steady and the company runs smoothly. 

Kimberly graduated with distinction from USC’s School of Bank Marketing earning a Masters in Systems Management after getting her B.A. in Finance from University of Washington. 

When asked where to eat in Portland, Kimberly is quick to jump out of the box and suggest instead a quick trip to Paris or Hong Kong… Her impressive mix of Curie, Channel, and Parton provides Kimberly with equal parts mojo and moxie, often applied with great affect at Sitka’s monthly office lunches.