Sitka Technology Group

Michael Ferrante

Senior Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer
(503) 808-1207

Long before joining Sitka, Michael began writing computer programs for his father’s business while still in elementary school. “As people and organizations discover what they can do with technology, they start thinking on a whole new level,” he says. That process has been well demonstrated in the application for Bonneville Power Administration where Michael has served as both developer and managed services support on Sitka’s FISMA-certified co-location cloud.

After teaching science for two years in Zimbabwe as a Peace Corps volunteer, Michael returned to Portland where he earned a B.S. in Chemistry from Reed College. It was then that Michael decided to make information technology his full-time profession.

Michael, his wife, and their two children are great fans of the outdoors, taking advantage of every opportunity to go hiking, backpacking, skiing and bicycling–though his Vulcan-like mind still marvels at the often illogical Portlandia biking culture. His childhood hero would be quite proud of the life he’s created for himself, for as Mr. Spock said, “Computers make excellent and efficient servants, but I have no wish to serve under them.”