Sitka Technology Group

Mikey Knowles

Software Engineer

Software Engineer

Mikey started as a summer intern for Sitka in its very early days thanks to an inquisitive mind, a dogged work ethic, and a convenient carpool. He has worked on a number of Sitka projects, getting high marks from The Nature Conservancy, Bonneville Power Administration, and the Willamette Model Watershed Councils. Those projects gave him valuable experience with industry standard technologies such as C# with ASP.NET MVC, Python and the Django framework, and Java and the Android SDK for mobile development.

Mikey graduated from University of Oregon with B.S. in Computer Science. There he worked on a number of innovative projects, including the Universal Battle Simulator, Reality TV Database, and Random Terrain Generator–all of which can be found at

When he’s not coding for Sitka, Mikey likes hanging out in his Clackamas pad with his fiancé and pet bunnies, playing Super Smash Bros and Magic the Gathering competitively.