Sitka Technology Group

Shary Porter

Junior Business Analyst

Junior Business Analyst

Originally from Colorado, Shary (pronounced “shar-E”) grew up in Aurora which is a suburb of Denver. After completing her studies, she spent 6 years working for Southwest Airlines as a customer service agent. During this period, she was based out of Puerto Rico for a year and later Dallas, Texas. She initially hoped to become a business analyst with the airline before her career ended due to the air travel downturn caused by the pandemic.

Upon leaving the Airlines, Shary decided to move to Oregon to be closer to family. Once here, she learned of a business analyst trainee opportunity with Sitka and submitted her application. She had wanted to become a business analyst with Southwest Airlines; therefore, this opportunity seemed too good to be true!

Outside of work, Shary enjoys international travel (big fan of Scotland), hiking in nature, and hanging with friends and family.