Sitka Technology Group

Stewart Loving-Gibbard

Senior Developer

Senior Developer
(503) 808-1219

Congratulations to Stewart Loving-Gibbard for getting a code patch accepted to the GeoServer open source project–an open source tool that Sitka uses to help create those lovely maps that keep our clients coming back for more. Because maps rich in content can be slow at times, Stewart developed a patch that doubled the speed of rendering on The right-click GetFeatureInfo queries are now up to 5x faster! (

After starting at Northwestern University, Stewart headed out to Portland where he earned a B.A. in English at Reed College. "Nothing is more satisfying than finding a unique way to visually represent data helping people uncover information that they would otherwise have been unable to see.” 

Stewart and his wife live in Portland. His hobbies include photography and building custom audio speaker cabinets. Most recently, Stewart has been showing off his do-it-yourself Geiger counter he created using an Arduino board.