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Announcing the Launch of Tahoe Regional Planning Agency’s Mooring Lottery

In October 2018, the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) approved a new Shoreline Plan for Lake Tahoe, lifting a longstanding moratorium on new shorezone structures. The plan authorizes the construction of new piers and private moorings (including buoys, boatlifts, and boat slips) to eligible applicants.

Picture of Moorings
* Photo Attribution: Creative Commons

To ensure fairness and transparency in access to new mooring permits, TRPA designed an annual lottery program for issuing permits for new moorings. In spring of 2020, Sitka and TRPA started working on implementing the Mooring Lottery in the Lake Tahoe Info Parcel Tracker. The intuitive step-by-step lottery workflow guides applicants through all the required information and documents needed to enter a lottery submission. Given the requirements for location and eligibility for new shorezone structures, TRPA planners will use the system to review and make an eligibility decision for each submission. Built-in email notifications, payment processing, and review tools make the lottery system a one-stop-shop for applicants and TRPA land use planners to conduct the annual lottery.

Mooring Lottery Screenshot

On December 1, 2020, the widely anticipated 2020 Mooring Lottery launched on the Lake Tahoe Info Parcel Tracker. Within the first few hours, applicants were creating and adding lottery submissions for review. The lottery will be open until spring 2021, followed by a public drawing to determine which applicants can apply for a mooring permit.

My favorite part of this project was working directly with TRPA planners to design and implement a user-friendly workflow that complies with the TRPA Code of Ordinances and the Shorezone Plan. Through the process, our team learned a ton about regulations for shoreline structures. We are proud to play a role in a program that supports recreation and development, while ensuring effective natural resource management and environmental impact mitigation.

If you’d like to learn more about this project, please complete this short form noting your interest in our Mooring Lottery work in the comments, and we will follow up to schedule a time to talk.