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Attend Our Upcoming Stormwater Tools Webcast to Stay in the Know

With our partners Orange County Public Works and Geosyntec Consultants, we are presenting a webinar featuring our open-source, cloud-based platform: OC Stormwater Tools. Creating this tool was a collaborative effort, and we are excited to take a deeper dive into the system and explain in better detail what aspects make Stormwater Tools so invaluable to Orange County and other jurisdictions.

Stormwater Tools was developed to help jurisdictions do watershed planning more efficiently. The web application also supports Best Management Practices (BMP) for asset inventory, letting water districts do their job easier without worrying about data discrepancies.

OC Stormwater Tools Modeling Module: Delineation Map

Since launching in 2018, OC Stormwater Tools has provided a dependable framework for taking inventory, inspecting, and maintaining county-wide structural BMPs. Orange County has utilized this modular platform to build and sustain standardized BMP asset inventories across jurisdictions in the county.

This webcast, Building a Living Model: Quantifying Stormwater Capture and Pollutant Load Reduction Directly from a Water Quality Asset Inventory, will unveil the technical details behind the tool, in addition to specific examples of how Orange County has benefited from the partnership. Furthermore, we will discuss how other jurisdictions can benefit from Stormwater Tools and the key takeaways that we’ve learned along the way.

If you believe your organization could benefit from an innovative stormwater management solution, we encourage you to register today. The live demo and candid discussions will provide good insight into how Sitka and our partners design custom and ready-built solutions for clients of all kinds.

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Until then!