Sitka Technology Group

The Future's So Bright

Today we had the privilege to host four students (and one engineering teacher) from Liberty High School's MESA program. They spent four hours learning about Sitka, our technology, and our people. They asked insightful questions, they shared details about their future career aspirations (ranging from mechanical engineer to plastic surgeon), and they shared what they've been learning in school.

MESA Student Visit 2019

During their visit, they met with a number of Sitka staff members, including Matt, Keith, Brian, Chris, Liz, and one of our other Brians(!) They were curious about what makes a candidate stand out during the hiring process, how individual staff members ended up in their current roles, and the technology behind our various products and services. 

While these four will be graduating in 2020 and then heading off to college or other pursuits, I'm confident they will make a positive impact on the world no matter what career path they end up following.