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Data Diagnostic evaluation elevated Puget Sound Partnership’s information management approach

Since forming in 2007, the Puget Sound Partnership (Partnership) has worked with hundreds of agencies to accelerate and advance their collective restoration efforts in the Puget Sound. These organizations develop and adaptively manage recovery plans which, over time, have become more aligned with one another and better coordinated.

The Partnership tracks and reports on these conservation programs but the tools and systems being utilized couldn’t scale to support the amount of data coming in. To address the information management issues the Partnership was facing, an in-depth assessment was necessary to find an optimal path for meeting current and future needs. This is where Sitka and our Data Diagnostic service come in.

DataDiagnostic Diagram

Sitka’s Data Diagnostic service includes a close review of the people and data involved as well as existing workflow and systems.

With our partner Environmental Incentives, Sitka examined the Partnership’s data management strategy and identified defining objectives that were in line with overall project goals. By taking the time to interview real-world users, the resulting analysis was stronger because it took their data needs, workflows, and associated tasks into consideration.

Our approach for this project was broken down into a kickoff meeting and three deliverables, with each step building off the previous action. Constant communication was vitally important in order to provide a thorough and honest evaluation. The Data Diagnostic unveiled a detailed look at the Partnership’s current practices and systems, presenting recommended improvements that would result in greater efficiency at scale.

When asked about the outcome of the Data Diagnostic, the Partnership's former Adaptive Systems Manager Kari Stiles said, "The staff told me this is the best comprehensive user/audience analysis we’ve ever done.

To learn more about Sitka’s Data Diagnostic process and what the Partnership did with our findings, download the full case study.