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Lake Tahoe Threshold Evaluation and Dashboard Launch

On March 24 the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) released the draft 2019 Threshold Evaluation on the all-new Threshold Dashboard in the Lake Tahoe Info platform.

Threshold Dashboard Homepage
The thresholds are the environmental restoration standards for the Tahoe Region in nine categories: water quality, air quality, noise, vegetation, wildlife, scenic resources, soil conservation, fisheries, and recreation. The evaluation is a snapshot that assesses conditions relative to the adopted threshold standards. The 2019 Threshold Evaluation is the seventh comprehensive evaluation since 1987.

The 2019 Threshold Evaluation is the first to be all digital and presented in an online, interactive dashboard. It is a centerpiece of the digital first initiative adopted by TRPA. The new Threshold Dashboard site replaces 1,300 pages of a paper report, which has been the standard presentation of the evaluations.

Example Threshold Evalution Detail Page
By putting backing data and additional information within a click of a button, the new Threshold Dashboard site increases transparency so users can understand how the evaluations were determined. From the home page, users can dive into one of the categories or search for a specific threshold. Each threshold has an overview page with an interactive map and chart, as well as key points and linkages to the other Lake Tahoe Info sites that support the threshold. This new format allows TRPA to link the actions (Environmental Improvement Program projects, regional plans, TMDL results, etc.) directly to their impact on environmental outcomes.

Sitka’s agile approach to project management and software development was a great fit for a first-of-its-kind project like the new Threshold Dashboard and digital 2019 evaluation. We were able to quickly stand up a working site for TRPA staff to populate content for the evaluation and adjust and adapt as testing feedback came in from usability studies and internal review. Going forward, TRPA has a robust website and data management strategy for supporting future evaluations in the Threshold Dashboard.

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