Sitka Technology Group

Launching the John Day Partnership Project Tracker

On January 21st, I had the opportunity to sit in on a training session for the recently launched John Day Basin Partnership’s Project Tracker. For many of the partners, this session was an exciting first look at the tool’s capabilities.

The John Day Basin Partnership Project Tracker is the newest instance of Sitka’s open-source ProjectFirma platform. The platform is well suited for the Partnership’s goal of simplifying coordination efforts across their 28 partner organizations. It also provides a means for tracking the implementation of ridgetop-to-ridgetop projects funded by the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board's Focused InvestmentPartnership (FIP) program. These important projects will help restore native habitats in the John Day River Basin.

John Day Basin Partnership Project Tracker Home Page Banner

In the lead-up to the training, our staff produced on-boarding materials and prepped walkthroughs to ensure a seamless training experience. During the training, our team walked through how to get an account and how to enter new projects into the Project Tracker before turning it over to the training participants to get first-hand experience using the new Tracker. Participant questions were answered in real-time and via meeting chat. The whole training was recorded for future reference material for the Partnership and other ProjectFirma users.

By the day’s end, five new pending projects had been entered into the platform. Those five projects alone will track an estimated $2,128,677 of improvements for the John Day River Basin!

Two additional trainings are planned for February to onboard additional project sponsors and administrators. Organization’s in the John Day Basin are considering utilizing the Project Tracker for projects funded by sources other than the FIP. It is exciting to see the potential scope of this Project Tracker already growing to be a one-stop-shop to learn about restoration efforts in the John Day Basin! I look forward to seeing what future solutions the John Day Basin Partnership and Sitka will build together.