Sitka Technology Group

Miradi Share 2.0 Creates a Modern, Interactive Online Hub for Your Projects and Programs

You asked for a fresh and collaborative way to design and manage your conservation work, and we listened! We recently paired with usability experts to update Miradi Share to create a modern, interactive online hub for your projects and programs at any scale. Home Page

What’s new with Miradi Share 2.0? 

  • Easier collaboration with your conservation colleagues and partners
  • Project information is editable online
  • Update project progress to enable adaptive management
  • Streamlined upload/download to Miradi desktop 

This release sets the stage for a fully online diagramming in the near future, for easier, real-time collaboration. Visit and login with your existing credentials to see your projects in a fresh new light. If you're not currently using Miradi Share, you can create a free account on the home page.