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New Miradi Share Features Enable Partial Editing of Diagrams Online

Our partner, Foundations of Success (FOS), recently unveiled user-focused updates to their Miradi Share Conservation Software, which Sitka is proud to have developed. Together with FOS, we give all types of organizations, from small teams to large NGOs, the necessary tools to meet conservation goals more efficiently. Currently, project teams use the classic Miradi Share Desktop application to develop adaptive management plans. Organizations then make use of the online Miradi Share platform to facilitate collaboration for multi-stakeholder projects. We are now moving many of the Desktop features online to Miradi Share.

Miradi software streamlines the development of adaptive management best practices, giving users step-by-step instructions to design the plan that works best for their conservation project. One of Miradi’s features is the Diagram View, which produces models used to visualize conservation solutions. The updates make factors on situation models and theory of change diagrams editable online. In a LinkedIn post, FOS asserts that this update “is one more step in our journey toward making all diagrams fully editable online.” The post continues, stating the non-profit “will support the creation of new diagrams as well as complete editing of existing diagrams online” in the near future.

Miradi Diagram View

The Miradi Share update allows users to:

Miradi empowers conservation practitioners to leverage the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation when planning and completing projects, makes collaboration across regional stakeholders possible, and enables strategic planning rooted in evidence. This new update, along with those on the horizon, make Miradi even more valuable for designing and supporting effective conservation programs.

Sitka strives to support conservation and natural resource management organizations by providing the necessary resources to develop data management strategies that fit their unique needs. If you feel that your program would benefit from Miradi, get in touch and we’ll schedule a one-on-one.