Sitka Technology Group


The Metro regional government understands how passionate its people are about finding the best solution for solid waste disposal. The Portland area is so well known for its focus on sustainable living that its parody – Portlandia – often understates the importance residents place on ecological issues. Local public policy and infrastructure investments reflect that attitude in everything from bike lanes and the urban growth boundary to recycling – where the metro area recently set a record for recovering almost two-thirds of its garbage.

Smart Waste Management

 Metro recently announced it would be looking to make further enhancements to its trash disposal practices as described in its Solid Waste Roadmap. One of the plan's objectives is to find alternatives to the current practice of trucking most unused waste all the way out to a landfill in Arlington, OR.

Leading up to its 2020 contract renewals, Metro selected Sitka to develop an alternatives analysis software program. Appropriately code named “Oscar”, the software will evaluate the economic and transportation impacts of various options for source separation programs, transfer site configurations, final disposition percentages, and hauler market models.

Metro project manager Joel Sherman is quick to point out that Oscar will do more than just serve the Solid Waste Roadmap.  “We’re building this with a long-term objective in mind, and that is to bring more sophisticated quantitative analytics to all our future solid waste planning activities.

The system will provide data analysis tools for comparing proposed scenarios. Metro’s Solid Waste Roadmap will provide the underlying data for these models, while Oscar will produce visualizations for comparing the implications of these significant investment decisions.