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Sitka and Geosyntec Provide Stormwater Management Solution for Orange County

Complex stormwater challenges require equally complex solutions. Having designed a user-friendly asset management system for the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency that met MS4 regulation standards, Sitka was uniquely suited to address a similar need Orange County Public Works (OCPW) had.

OCPW had a Water Quality Improvement Plan (WQIP) containing a special study detailing specific goals to improve and standardize methodologies for inventorying and managing water quality assets and modeling stormwater pollutant loading. Furthermore, OCPW needed a solution that could efficiently analyze and report on their efforts to improve water quality. With all this in mind, we developed our Stormwater Tools platform.

OC Stormwater Tools Modeling Module: Delineation Map

We undertook this challenge alongside our partner Geosyntec Consultants. Together, we had to come up with a solution that not only let OCPW develop their asset inventory and build a framework for growing, inspecting, and maintaining said inventory, but could also be used to keep track of progress towards sustainability goals.

Among the lessons learned from our work with OCPW, is the importance of keeping our clients’ priorities top of mind during all stages of development. By rolling out updates incrementally, and asking for feedback along the way, you’ll be able to design a foolproof software solution that your clients will truly appreciate.

Check out our new case study, and learn how Geosyntec and Sitka came together to build a knowledge infrastructure that helps OCPW manage their data more efficiently and work towards their eco-minded goals.