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Best of Luck to You, Mike!

Last week, I took time out to wish Mike Wetter luck on his new adventures. I first met Mike six years ago, not long after he launched The Intertwine Alliance. His goal of leveraging civic investments to connect our regional parks, trails, and natural areas was both inspiring and visionary. Mike’s combo of an intense sustainability focus and being an avid bike commuter meant that our paths crossed on numerous occasions, both figuratively and literally. But for the record, he was always on the right side of the street.

Through the years, I’ve enjoyed working with Mike as his vision for the Intertwine became a reality. When I heard he had chosen to tackle a new adventure, I was at first surprised, then it made a lot of sense – it’s hard to keep a guy like Mike pinned down for long. Joining a roomful of like-minded folks at the Lucky Lab to raise an IPA to Mike’s accomplishments last week was the highlight of my week.

Mike Wetter Farewell @ Lucky Lab | 02.07.18

I look forward to seeing what he does next, and I am happy we all get to continue our relationship with David Cohen and team at The Intertwine.