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DataDiagnostic Delivers Robust Data Management Plan for Bush Heritage Australia

For over 25 years, Bush Heritage Australia has worked to protect biodiversity by conserving and managing land through acquisition and ownership, as well as partnership with Aboriginal people and Traditional Owners. Bush Heritage is an international leader in adoption of the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation and actively participates in the conservation community using Miradi to support planning outcomes tracking.

Due to our longstanding working relationship via the Miradi community, they selected us to help them improve their conservation data management practices. In January, we headed Down Under to kick off a DataDiagnostic to identify areas for improvement, alternatives, and recommendations for an improved data management strategy.

Bush Heritage DataDiagnostic 2019

Over the course of two weeks, we worked alongside a team of planners, ecologists, land managers, fundraisers, and analysts in Melbourne to conduct a series of workshops aimed at building a shared understanding of the user roles, workflows, and tasks related to Bush Heritage’s conservation management work. We left Australia with not only a sense of the passion driving the Bush Heritage team to pursue their work, but a rich understanding of the data management required to support the organization’s goals and the gaps and challenges in their current systems.

Since our return to Portland, we have continued to work closely with them to develop a robust plan for the future of their data management systems. In the next few weeks, we will bring our DataDiagnostic to a close as we finalize a strategic roadmap that will guide Bush Heritage Australia towards a robust data management system that supports their day-to-day work to produce conservation impact, enhances the availability of data and information to staff and partners, and aligns with the organization’s strategic vision.