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Sitka and the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency Launch Online, Map-based Mooring Permitting and Registration System

The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) selected Sitka to develop a new mooring permitting and registration system that allows lakefront property owners, homeowners’ associations, and marinas to register and permit their existing buoys, boatlifts, and boat slips. By tracking and managing moorings, TRPA can make sure that regulations are being followed to preserve the natural beauty for which Lake Tahoe is so famous. Permitting and registration fees go to enforcement and shoreline restoration projects.

LT Info Parcel Tracker with Mooring Link

The mooring permitting and registration system integrates with the Lake Tahoe Info Parcel Tracker. This integration leverages existing mapping capabilities and connections to TRPA’s other systems, such as the Tahoe BMP Database, to enable seamless application and review experiences. While developing a suite of new features, we balanced thorough data collection with an efficient application experience for the public. Applicants are guided through a step-by-step mooring registration workflow, selecting parcels and moorings on an interactive map, and providing other information through flexible forms and document upload. Registration opened on March 1st, and as of April 15th, 167 applications for 704 moorings have been submitted. Pretty exciting, and we’re just getting started!

Once a registration is submitted, TRPA staff can review it to determine if additional permits are required. The permit review interfaces provide mapping tools, checklists, and a variety of in-system notification options in order to evaluate the application, communicate with and receive additional information from applicants, and generate a permit. After permits are issued and registration is complete, registered buoys will be tagged with barcodes to enable TRPA’s boat crews to quickly determine ownership and registration status.

As far as we know, Lake Tahoe Info now hosts the first of its kind online, publicly accessible mooring registration system. It enables TRPA to track mooring locations, collect fees efficiently, and provide a convenient application process for property owners. In the future, it will support proposals for new moorings and tools for evaluating those proposals. We look forward to building on this first effort and hopefully inspiring other waterfront communities to join in on the innovation.

Lake Tahoe Info Mooring Permitting and Registration ModuleYou can check out the new system here: