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Clackamas Partnership Connects with Conference Attendees

One of my highlights from last week’s CONNECT 2018 conference in Seaside was sitting in the audience during the Clackamas Partnership Project Tracker Panel. Daniel Newberry from the Johnson Creek Watershed Council and John Runyon from the Cascade Environmental Group joined Matt on stage to share their experiences using ProjectFirma


During the panel, I was heavy into multi-tasking mode as I snapped a few photos, shared (hopefully) useful nuggets on our social media channels, jotted down some ideas for this blog post, and recorded the session. 

A few quotes that stood out to the marketer in me were:

  • “The Clackamas Partnership Project Tracker has really been a cool process because it hasn’t turned into a competitive thing [among the partners] but more of a collaborative one.”  Daniel Newberry 

  • “What makes the Project Tracker interesting is since we track the same information as OWEB applications, it makes it really easy to present information to them.” Daniel Newberry

  • “We can aggregate our data with a push of a button. Slice and dice it. And that is where all of the process efficiencies and cost savings come into play.” John Runyon

  • “ProjectFirma is this organic, evolving platform, and the more users we have … the more we are all going to benefit.” John Runyon

Thanks Daniel and John for sharing your story with the attendees. You make marketing ProjectFirma that much simpler. 

If you missed the panel, I encourage you to check out the recordings I posted to our site yesterday. It is broken up into chapters, so you can pick and choose the section of most interest. I found Daniel and John’s online demo quite educational. Take a look!

As always, if you have any questions … don’t hesitate to reach out!