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Are the Neighborhood Busybodies' Days Numbered in the Tahoe Basin?

Thanks to the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency’s Environmental Improvement Program (EIP) Project Tracker they just might be. 

In the current issue of Tahoe In Depth, the award-winning newspaper mailed to every homeowner in the Tahoe Basin, this and many other important questions are answered. On page 20, the article “New website helps public understand EIP projects” explains how citizens in the basin and beyond can get the latest info on the numerous EIP projects happening in the region. 

Tahoe In Depth - Summer 2017 - Cover

The article concludes with the following:  

“So the next time you’re curious about the workers, trucks, and staging areas down the street or across the lake, grab your laptop, tablet, or smartphone and visit and get the details from a trusted and dependable source.”

Check out this article and the rest of the current issue here