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Puget Sound Partnership Takes First Step in Creating a Truly Collaborative, Regional Resource for Sharing and Tracking Efforts Across the Sound

Earlier this year, Puget Sound Partnership issued a Request for Qualifications and Quotations (RFQQ) to both complete a comprehensive user needs and data systems assessment and to begin implementing the recommended changes needed to improve their information management and reporting. 

Founded in 2007, the Partnership was formed to lead the region’s collective effort to restore and protect the Puget Sound. Since its founding, the recovery effort has grown to include more than 750 partners (government agencies, tribes, scientists, businesses, and non-profits) and thousands of projects and performance measures. As the planning and implementation efforts have become better aligned and coordinated over the years, the desire to share learnings with planners, implementers, decision makers, and funders is becoming even more important to ensure continued success. 

In drafting our response to this RFQQ, we saw numerous correlations between the Puget Sound Partnership and their work in the Puget Sound to that of Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) and their work in the Tahoe Basin. In our response, we chose to emphasize our extensive work building out for TRPA. To further enhance our response, we formed our own “dream team” with Environmental Incentives and Hook Environmental. All three organizations possess expertise with the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation – a landscape-scale approach to conservation planning that makes explicit the various theories of change and operationalization of those via “results chains.” Hook Environmental also possesses extensive, first-hand experience working with Puget Sound Partnership, local watersheds, and local tribes.

By the end of April, the Partnership notified us that we had been awarded the job!  

Puget Sound Partnership - Project Kick-off

In May, we – Environmental Incentives, Hook Environmental, and Sitka – conducted our project kick-off with the Partnership at their office in Tacoma. From the DataDiagnostic findings, we are finalizing the strategic data management plan, and Environmental Incentives is working with the Partnership in overhauling their set of performance measures. 

I join Puget Sound Partnership in the belief that this initial contract will be the first step in creating a “Puget Sound Info” that, like in Tahoe, will be a truly collaborative, regional resource for sharing and tracking efforts across their hundreds of partners.