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RCD Project Tracker Reaches Milestone

It’s official! As of last week, the RCD Project Tracker is now tracking 100 projects and over $21.8 million in investment throughout California. This is a huge milestone for everyone involved. Thanks go to the folks entering the projects and to the administrators (Ben Weise, Devin Best, John Green, and Brittany Jensen) for fielding support requests and keeping on top of adding new funding sources.

Accomplishment Dashboard - 27 June 2018To access the Accomplishments Dashboard, click here.

In addition to this noteworthy milestone, I’d also like to announce some recent enhancements we’ve rolled out to make the ProjectFirma experience even better. These updates include:

  • Simplified association of a Funding Organization to a project
  • Improved display of Reported Performance Measures on project detail pages
  • Ability for administrators to add custom footers

These above features were made possible thanks to our newest member to the ProjectFirma community:  The Peaks to People Water Fund. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements regarding Peaks to People and other new ProjectFirma community members.