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Puget Sound Partnership Makes a Splash

The Puget Sound Partnership (PSP) and their partners recently announced the launch of Puget Sound Info, an online platform for sharing information and stories about Puget Sound recovery priorities, activities, investments, near-term results, and progress toward recovery goals for the region. This is the completion of the first phase of a multi-phased roll out Sitka has been working on with PSP.Puget Sound Info Home PageToday’s site visitors will find the following four tools:

  1. A revitalized, interactive Vital Signs website used to report on the status of over 50 indicators and progress towards Vital Sign targets and Puget Sound recovery goals.
  2. The brand new Action Agenda Tracker, which is the newest instance of our ProjectFirma open-source platform, designed to house all tracking and reporting on Action Agenda regional priorities, Near Term Action status and accomplishments, and recovery activity investments.
  3. An updated National Estuary Program (NEP) Atlas built to house a summary of Puget Sound NEP investments.
  4. A common Data Center that provides access to detailed information about activities, progress measures, and organizations that contribute data and reports.

In the coming months and years, PSP plans to add financial information, progress measures, and continue to migrate information about previous Action Agendas, National Estuary Program investments, ongoing programs, and other regional recovery activities and accomplishments.

This is a huge step forward for the Puget Sound recovery effort!