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Get the Inside Scoop on How the US Bureau of Reclamation Enlisted Sitka to Help Streamline Operations

Plagued with multiple issues stemming from outgrowing their existing reporting tools, the Columbia and Snake River Salmon Recovery Office (CSRO), a US Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) sub-program, enlisted Sitka to conduct a detailed assessment of their data management practices and systems. Using our DataDiagnostic service, we conducted a detailed review of how the program managed all its information with the goal of identifying key areas for data quality and operational efficiency improvement.

By the end of the three-month engagement, the CSRO received a detailed map of existing workflows along with a recommended high-level data model and an alternatives analysis. Following the DataDiagnostic, Jude Trapani, CSRO Habitat Coordinator for the USBR, noted, “It was a serious ‘epiphany moment’ when we saw the view of our workflows with the overlay of all the data types generated and managed throughout the year!” 

Sitka Case Study:  USBR
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