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Vote Yes for Clean Water and Healthy Soil

When Washington County residents go to the polls this November, they won’t just be voting for the next president. They will also have the opportunity to vote for a permanent conservation measure that will raise up to $5 million annually for the Tualatin Soil and Water Conservation District. Measure 34-269 will protect our drinking water, enhance fish and wildlife habitat, and support conservation efforts for farms, forests, and urban areas of Washington County, Oregon.

Stream Close-Up

We at Sitka are dedicated to doing our part to conserve our natural surroundings for future generations, and we encourage a YES vote for Measure 34-269! For only $18 a year for a property valued at $200,000, residents will protect the quality of life that makes Washington county so special – top-notch drinking water, amazing natural environments, and great jobs.

I hope you’ll join us in support of Measure 34-269 this November. To learn more about the Yes for Clean Water and Healthy Soil campaign, check out: