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Partner Shout Out!

Two of our partners, Foundations of Success (FOS) and Environmental Incentives (EI), recently achieved a major milestone in their multi-year effort with the USAID Measuring Impact initiative. This initiative supports USAID’s call for more strategic, evidence-based, and effective biodiversity programs. Both partners played a key role in the development of the recently released USAID Biodiversity Programming How-To Guides.

USAID GuidesThe USAID E3/Forestry and Biodiversity Office recently published the following three open standards-based guides:

  1. Developing Situation Models
  2. Using Results Chains to Depict Theories of Change
  3. Defining Outcomes and Indicators for Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning

Marco Santiago, a Biodiversity and Natural Resources Specialist for USAID, stated, “These How-To Guides provide in-depth guidance on key tools and practices to support teams (USAID and Implementing Partners) as they design and manage biodiversity programs within USAID’s Program Cycle and in accordance with Agency’s Biodiversity Policy.”

The methodology described throughout the guides is based on the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation which is a key building block for every product and solution Sitka builds and delivers.

To download the guides, please click here.

I also hope you'll join me in congratulating both FOS and EI for a(nother) job well done!