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Updated Miradi Streamlines Work Planning and Monitoring

With this week’s Miradi 4.4 release, the global user-base will enjoy a major advancement in building Miradi work plans thanks to the following enhancements:

  1. Work plan tables that are easier to read, navigate, understand, and edit
  2. High-level “timeframe” planning that is independent from detailed work unit entries
  3. Monitoring work plans based on strategies, activities, and tasks
  4. Progress reporting available for diagrams and at the project level
  5. Seamless data migration from prior Miradi versions which preserves work plan results
  6. Share work plan data between Miradi Desktop and Miradi Share, enabling cross-project work planning in Miradi Share

Miradi User Map - October 2016

This week’s release will positively impact the lengthy list of organizations – including Bush Heritage Australia, Puget Sound Partnership, InternationalCrane Foundation, and US Fish & Wildlife Refuge System – currently using Miradi and Miradi Share to drive their Open Standards-compliant conservation efforts.

We’re honored to partner with Foundations of Success and leverage our software development expertise to make Miradi an even more powerful tool for today’s conservation managers. As a company, we are firm believers in the power of the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation, incorporating the concepts in our entire suite of products and solutions.

If you’d like to learn more about the new features, check out my developer update from last week’s Miradi User Group webinar. Finally, if you’d like to sign up for a free trial, visit