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Orange County Stormwater Tools: An Open Web Application to Manage Stormwater Assets (Including Trash Controls) and Quantify Pollutant Load Reduction

Orange County Stormwater Tools is a modular, open-source web application used by MS4 permittees in Orange County. The Permittees use the tool to build and track their asset inventories, assess BMP performance, delineate catchment areas, and plan for future trash capture efforts as outlined by the Statewide Trash Provisions. An accompanying modeling module is also currently under development that will quantify BMP pollutant load reduction. 

During this free, hour-long webcast, you can expect to learn:

  • How the OC Stormwater Tools web application supports WQIP implementation in South Orange County
  • How the web application supports advanced spatial calculations to provide real-time, map-based dashboards showing progress towards achieving trash capture goals
  • How an informal technology-sharing community is jointly funding development of the broader stormwater tools platform, including the Lake Tahoe Info Stormwater Tools by the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency which helped jump-start Orange County’s application
  • How other jurisdictions can leverage prior investment by Tahoe Regional Planning Agency and Orange County to improve the success of their stormwater program’s data management and analysis

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