Sitka Technology Group

Redesign of Montana Trust Lands Management System: Replacing a data management highway while keeping the users moving

Like any infrastructure, software needs to be maintained and eventually, when it has reached the limits of its architecture, replaced. And much like a busy highway, a platform with active users who depend on it for their daily work cannot be shut down while a replacement is built. Replacing software presents an opportunity to leverage advancements and innovations to produce a superior final product.

Learn how the Montana Department of Natural Resources & Conservation (DNRC) is working with Sitka Technology Group to build a phased replacement for their Trust Lands Management System, bringing their users into an expanded, modernized platform without halting operations.

This free, one-hour webcast will focus on:

  • Moving from business analysis to detailed scope of work
  • Taking a phased approach to replacing an enterprise platform, including identifying phases of implementation that will allow a gradual transition into the new system; improving and expanding workflows while preserving interoperability with existing patterns; and adapting requirements to a variety of different stakeholders
  • Implementing advanced spatial capabilities to support management practices that are aligned with the landscape

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