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Tracking Conservation the Idaho Way: Learn How Idaho is Using an Online Tool to Report State-wide Conservation Investments and Accomplishments

June 5, 2019, 10:00 AM (PDT)

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Tracking Conservation the Idaho Way: Learn How Idaho is Using an Online Tool to Report State-wide Conservation Investments and Accomplishments


Learn how the state of Idaho is using our ProjectFirma™ open-source platform to track, report, and share accomplishments about their multitude of voluntary conservation efforts. 


Founded in 1939 by the Idaho Legislature, the Idaho Soil & Water Conservation Commission is tasked with promoting responsible stewardship of the diverse natural landscapes – rivers, lakes, mountains, forests, and desert canyons – and rich, fertile agricultural lands that make Idaho so special. The Commission facilitates coordinated, non-regulatory, locally-led conservation efforts from Bonners Ferry near the Canadian border down to Montpelier in the southeastern section of the state. 

Beginning in 1985, the commission and its partners, consisting of 50 local conservation districts, began systematic tracking of conservation activities that includes statistics and implementation data about the numerous voluntary conservation projects and programs. After 32 years of project tracking using paper files, Excel spreadsheets, and Access databases, over 3,300 conservation activities were being tracked in their legacy systems. With this wealth of data, it became difficult to share program detail with interested parties and even harder to accurately report the big-picture successes of Idaho’s voluntary conservation efforts. To address this, the Commission selected Sitka to develop a web-based Environmental Data Management System using the ProjectFirma open-source platform.

Long term, plans exist to integrate data from state and federal partner agencies to reflect the breadth of conservation work being done in the state of Idaho. The Commission is working with the Governor’s Office on this.

It has been almost a year since the Idaho Conservation Project Tracker got underway in July of 2018. Join key representatives from the Idaho Soil & Water Conservation Commission and Sitka on June 5th and learn how this award-winning online platform is supporting “Conservation the Idaho Way.”

During this free, hour-long webcast, you can expect to learn:

  • Why did the Commission choose to build their online Project Tracker using open-source technology?
  • What were the key tipping points that led the state to invest in a new system?
  • What are some key projects and programs that are doing exceptionally well in leveraging the online platform? (Online Demo) 
  • How has program transparency helped state-wide conservation efforts?
  • Have results lived up to expectations?
  • What’s the plan for the Project Tracker post official launch? 

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