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Using Tools that Scale to Improve Conservation Program Measurements and Results

Collecting data is easy; leveraging it isn’t. When it comes to data, doing the data analysis, quality checking and synthesizing is where the true value lies. These post-collection steps are paramount to ensure you, your program, and your organization can confidently measure and track the results of your conservation efforts.

Join Matt as he shares the results from a few of our current engagements to demonstrate how building a scalable knowledge infrastructure today can maximize program results tomorrow.

During this free, hour-long webcast, you can expect to learn:

  • How the Columbia Habitat Monitoring Program is using mobile technology paired with a fully automated back-office metrics generator to save money and time without sacrificing data quality.
  • How Columbia Land Trust is using drone technology, coupled with state-of-the-art image processing technologies, to auto-generate key habitat metrics that feed into their habitat quantification tools.
  • How the Montana Department of Natural Resources & Conservation is making it easier for land users to propose new disturbances, improve efficiency of consultations by state agency staff, and ensure “debits” are calculated accurately and with full chain-of-custody. 
  • How the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency is using technology to share both program performance and results of the Lake Tahoe Environmental Improvement Program with partner agencies, citizens, and the United States Congress.
  • Why investing in scalable tools equates to a more successful conservation/ecosystem program.

By attending this webcast, you will gain some valuable recommendations on how to improve your individual programs to ensure we all achieve our collective goals of a robust and healthy planet for future generations.

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