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ProjectFirma® simplifies and automates environmental program tracking

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ProjectFirma is a community-driven, open-source project tracking platform. This highly customizable web and mobile tool helps regional initiatives and partnerships coordinate efforts and quantify their collective impact. Users from over 1,000 organizations rely on ProjectFirma to track projects of all types, including:

  • Forest health
  • Habitat restoration
  • Water quality
  • Environmental monitoring and compliance
  • Regional planning
  • Species conservation
  • Outreach and education
  • Scientific research
Leading organizations, like Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, rely on our platform to share information about all current and completed projects, simplify performance tracking, and build and maintain trust with legislators, partner agencies, and the general public.


The Benefits of Open-Source Software Solutions

True open-source software allows anyone to access the underlying code to modify, enhance, or customize. This means that you will not be locked in with a single vendor, where you are subject to their roadmap and future pricing demands.


Customer Success

Idaho Conservation Project Tracker Proves Invaluable

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John Day Basin Partnership Launches Project Tracker

Customer Success

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Key Benefits

Promotes collaboration and strategic planning with internal and external project partners

Quantifies accomplishments and expenditures by funding source

Automatically rolls up project data by program category, geography, and theme

Visualizes progress via maps, charts, and photos

The online platform is a powerful tool that improves transparency and accountability and allows us to showcase the great work being done.

Kimberly Caringer | EIP Division Manager, Tahoe Regional Planning Agency

Key Platform Advantages

ProjectFirma is built using an extensible architecture to ensure your solution is customized to your specific program needs. The highly customizable platform can be adapted quickly to your unique organization requirements. This cloud-based solution:

  • Facilitates collaboration across multiple agencies or departments
  • Encourages partnership building, coordination, and data sharing
  • Integrates with other sites, tools, and databases
  • Ensures program transparency and accountability
  • Includes easy-to-use workflows for gathering proposals and updating projects
  • Allows lightweight and flexible content management

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    Sitka Webcast

    Learn How TRPA Tracks $2 Billion in Funding and Over 700 Cross-Agency Projects Without Breaking a Sweat

    The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency shares behind-the-scenes information about what it took to launch the ground-breaking online resource, the Lake Tahoe EIP Project Tracker, in August 2015.

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    ProjectFirma is this organic, evolving platform, and the more users we have ... the more we are all going to benefit.

    John Runyon | Principal, Cascade Environmental Group

    Peaks to People is proud to be offering such a thoughtfully-designed online platform to our partners and fellow conservation organizations in Northern Colorado.

    Heather Schinkel | Executive Director, Peaks to People Water Fund

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    Transparency like this is critical to maintain the public’s trust and the goodwill we’ll need to secure long-term public funding to adequately Keep Tahoe Blue for years to come.

    Jesse Patterson | Deputy Director, League to Save Lake Tahoe

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    July 26, 2021

    Open-Source Software: Private Sector Success Provides a Model for Growing Public Sector Adoption

    Sitka Technology Group partners to create a range of software solutions with open-source licenses, including ProjectFirma, Miradi, Stormwater Tools, and the Water Accounting Platform. The success of open-source solutions in the highly competitive private sector marketplace helps our clients trust the quality, security, and efficiency of this approach for public sector projects.

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    March 22, 2021

    A Few Personal Insights After Attending My 5th ProjectFirma User Group

    I recently attended my fifth ProjectFirma user group since joining Sitka in early 2020. These quarterly meetings give ProjectFirma community members a chance to connect, share insights, and learn about new product updates. They also provide us with valuable feedback on how the platform is utilized and areas we can improve. Since my very first user group, I’ve been continually encouraged to see the community's energy to maximize the potential of ProjectFirma!

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