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Data Diagnosticâ„¢ Case Study: Puget Sound Partnership

title Puget Sound Partnership Case Study
type Case Study
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Partnership Gains Systems Vision and Implementation Roadmap to Bolster Puget Sound Recovery
Sitka led the comprehensive assessment to identify the optimal path for meeting current and future information management and reporting needs for both Partnership staff and key partners, including Northwest Indian Fisheries Recovery efforts for all of these scales use the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation as the framework for scoping, developing, evaluating, and adaptively managing results-based recovery plans.
The goal of developing Conservation Standards is to bring together common concepts, approaches, and terminology in conservation project design, management, and monitoring in order to help practitioners improve the practice of conservation. Commission, US EPA, Washington State Departments of Ecology, Natural Resources, Fish and Wildlife, and Health, as well as representatives from Local Integrating Organizations.

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