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Agriculture Software Case Study: Oregon Tilth

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Know Your Cost To Grow Application Helps Small- and Mid-Sized Farms Achieve Bottom Line Success

Over the past decade technology has revolutionized agriculture. This includes farm management software, which is projected to grow into a 4.2 billion dollar global market by 2026 according to MarketsandMarkets. However, most of the farm management applications in the market today are aimed at large-scale farms, with price tags too expensive for smaller operations. Owners of small and mid-sized farms need a software solution to help optimize outcomes, particularly when they are juggling multiple diversified crops. Sitka, in collaboration with Oregon Tilth and the Center for Small Farms and Community Food Systems at Oregon State University, is working to fill that technology gap by developing a web-based open-source application for the Know Your Cost To Grow (KYCTG) program.

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