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Clackamas Partnership Project Tracker Panel

How Open-Source Technology is Fostering Collaboration in the Clackamas River Basin
Presented:  Wednesday, 18 April 2018
Presenters:  Daniel Newberry (Johnson Creek Watershed Council), John Runyon (Cascade Environmental Group) and Matt Deniston (Sitka Technology Group)

Panel Overview
A collaboration of over 13 Portland Metro area watershed councils and government agencies are leveraging an open-source online platform to improve watershed health in the Clackamas River Basin. Thanks to the open-source license for the award-winning Lake Tahoe Environmental Improvement Program Project Tracker provided by the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) and Sitka Technology Group, the Clackamas Partnership was able to leverage the prior investment by the EPA and others to make the Clackamas Partnership Project Tracker a quick and cost-effective reality.

Attendees of this panel will:

  • Gain behind-the-scenes information about what it took to launch this groundbreaking online resource.
  • Learn how this local coalition of Oregon watershed councils are leveraging significant EPA and TRPA investment to benefit their multi-agency programs.
  • Understand how other organizations can increase data collection efficiency and program transparency through open-source reporting tools.

Panel Chapters


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Environmental Improvement Program Project Tracker Foundation

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Clackamas Partnership Overview

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Johnson Creek Watershed Council Overview

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Clackamas Partnership Project Tracker Online Demo

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Questions & Answers
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