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Open Water Accounting Platform in Nebraska

This video is an excerpt from a Nebraska Public Media production covering agricultural water management in the Twin Platte Natural Resources District (NRD). The Open Water Accounting platform is a collaborative project built by Sitka, Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), California Water Data ConsortiumOlsson, and other project partners. In addition to the Nebraska systems featured in this video, Open Water Accounting systems are also currently being used in California. The California platform built core features including integration with OpenET to measure water use with satellites and weather stations, along with landowner accounting dashboards. The work in the Twin Platte NRD integrates direct measurements of water usage via electrical usage data and Internet of Things (IOT) sensors. These separately built and funded features are being integrated into common platform functionality, demonstrating the value of open-source solutions to share benefits and costs across regions and agencies.

See the full Nebraska Public Media video here:

Thanks to our partners at Olsson, EDF, and the Twin Platte NRD.

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