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CloudConnect provides 24/7 protection and secure access to Sitka servers that meet the Federal Information Security Modernization Act’s (FISMA) high standards. Our co-location services provide every client with a centralized data management resource for sharing applications, optimizing resources, and maximizing results without incurring the significant expense of creating and maintaining an in-house data center.

What You Get

  1. Application Development Management
    Leverage Sitka-developed processes to optimize application development management.
  2. System Builds and Deployment
    Sitka-developed scripts enable rapid, reliable, and repeatable builds and deployments.
  3. Mingle Project Management Software
    Sitka licenses this state-of-the-art, agile software development project management tool to our clients during the development phase.
  4. Source Code Management
    Code and other development assets are managed internally using the Subversion Version Control system. All system source code can be held in escrow on an agreed upon schedule during system development.
  5. Active Monitoring
    All production networking, servers, and applications are monitored for availability and optimum performance.
  6. Backup and Recovery
    Frequent backups ensure no gaps in business continuity due to hardware failures, operator errors, malfeasance, and disasters. Backup files can be electronically transferred and stored at any location you choose.
  7. Disaster Recovery
    Nightly backups migrate a fully encrypted database of all content to a secure off-site location to safeguard against data loss.

CloudConnect provides a single point-of-service for all your technology needs. It shortens delivery cycles, reduces operational costs, and enhances application performance.

Brian Knowles | Managing Partner, Sitka Technology Group

Additional Premium Options

Identity Management

Account provisioning, management, and web single sign-on are optional services.

Business Continuity Package

Geographic redundancy ensures fast recovery from unforeseen/catastrophic events.

Integrated Support Ticket and Management

Track bugs, issues, and customer support tickets through each stage.

What is FISMA?

The Federal Information Security Modernization Act is United States legislation that defines a comprehensive framework to protect government information, operations and assets against natural or man-made threats. FISMA was signed into law part of the Electronic Government Act of 2002. FISMA assigns responsibilities to various agencies to ensure the security of data in the federal government.

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