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Proven to Lower Administrative Costs by Streamlining Workflows and Leveraging Investments in Existing Technologies

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We're experts at developing successful solutions for conservation, restoration, and sustainable development organizations. By coupling our technical prowess–.NET, C#, Java, MVC, SQL, HTML, Javascript, GIS, and more–with our domain expertise in fisheries biology, forest ecology, environmental science, land management, urban planning and development, ecosystem services accounting, performance-based management, and strategic planning, we are perfectly suited to fulfill the needs of our government, non-profit, and private sector customers.

Since opening for business in 2008, we continue to improve social and ecological outcomes by providing systems design consulting services and developing cloud-based, custom software solutions.

Agriculture Software Case Study

Know Your Cost To Grow Application Helps Small- and Mid-Sized Farms Achieve Bottom Line Success

Sitka has developed a web-based open-source application for Oregon Tilth's Know Your Cost To Grow (KYCTG) program.

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TRPA Launches Lake Tahoe Threshold Evaluation and Dashboard

Custom Software Case Study

Web Application Empowers Californians to Improve Local Water Quality

Trust Lands Webcast Recording

Montana Trust Lands Management System Redesign

Why You Should Care

Improves Operational Efficiencies

Fine-tunes Performance Tracking

Turns Field Data into Actionable Intelligence

Thanks to the workflows and systems Sitka created for us, my team has more time to do higher-order analyses and syntheses. Plus, we just enjoy using the tools from Sitka!

Kenneth Kasman | Research & Analysis Manager, Tahoe Regional Planning Agency

How It Works

Beginning with our DataDiagnostic™ service, we work with you to map out optimal workflows. These workflow maps, called broadsheets, describe the practices and routines of capturing data, structuring information, and sharing knowledge.

Based on these broadsheets, we then work with you to develop an infrastructure that bolsters workflow. These infrastructures serve to:

  • Streamline management processes
  • Align project activities with programmatic strategies
  • Integrate field monitoring
  • Track changes against baselines in complex systems
  • Standardize performance reporting
  • Ensure organizational and site-specific knowledge is resilient to staff turnover

Leveraging our lean design build methodology–an iterative, client-centric engagement model–we have a proven track record of lowering administrative costs by streamlining workflows and leveraging investments in existing technologies.

The Sitka-built Lake Tahoe Info Stormwater Tools software is alarmingly intuitive!

Jason Burke | Stormwater Program Coordinator, City of South Lake Tahoe

Our Design Principles


Iterative and flexible; quickly provide value; listen for and respond to feedback


Based on specific client needs; support specific client workflows


Leverage existing design modules; benefit from previous work

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April 7, 2021

Lake Tahoe Threshold Evaluation and Dashboard Launch

The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency's draft 2019 Threshold Evaluation on the all-new Threshold Dashboard has been released. The 2019 Threshold Evaluation is the first to be all digital and presented in an online, interactive dashboard.

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February 25, 2021

Salmon Data Virtual Workshop to Bolster Conservation Efforts

The North Pacific Anadromous Fish Commission (NPAFC) will be hosting a two-part virtual workshop on “Salmon Data Mobilization” during the week of March 1st, and we’re very excited to participate. Since 1993, the NPAFC has been promoting the conservation of migrating fish species, namely Pacific salmon and steelhead trout, in the international waters of the North Pacific Ocean and its adjacent northern seas. The inter-governmental organization consists of members from Canada, Japan, the Republic of Korea, the Russian Federation, and the United States of America.

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December 4, 2020

Announcing the Launch of Tahoe Regional Planning Agency’s Mooring Lottery

On December 1, 2020, the widely anticipated 2020 Mooring Lottery launched on the Lake Tahoe Info Parcel Tracker. Within the first few hours, applicants were creating and adding lottery submissions for review. The lottery will be open until spring 2021, followed by a public drawing to determine which applicants can apply for a mooring permit.

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Technology Expertise