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In 2019, the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) began working with water managers and landowners in the Rosedale-Rio Bravo Water Storage District (Rosedale) with the goal of creating the first open-source water accounting and trading platform in California's Central Valley. From the start, Rosedale and EDF envisioned expanding the platform to include other water districts in California and beyond.

The resulting Sitka-built, open-source platform enables water managers and landowners to develop more accurate water budgets, simplify water trading, and more efficiently manage water usage. The platform can be expanded with scenario analysis capabilities to analyze and minimize undesirable impact of groundwater usage via integration with Olsson's groundwater modeling decision support tool: the Groundwater Evaluation Toolbox.


New Partnership Announced in California Supporting Groundwater Sustainability

Water Accounting News

Announcing the Launch of the First Open-Source Water Accounting & Trading Platform


The Benefits of Open-Source Software Solutions

The Open Water Accounting Platform consists of several inter-connected components to ensure landowners and water district staff have the information needed.

Water Accounting & Trading Platform Diagram

We developed this accounting and trading platform because we want to provide landowners and growers with as many tools as possible to manage their water more sustainably and balance their water budget.

Eric Averett | General Manager, Rosedale-Rio Bravo Water Storage District

WATP - Landowner Dashboard

With the Open Water Accounting Platform, landowners can:

  • View and manage their water budget
  • Track water use over time
  • Post offers to buy and sell water
  • Track market metrics

WATP - Manager Dashboard

... and water managers can:

  • Account for customers' water usage
  • Monitor and report groundwater use
  • Evaluate the hydrological impacts of groundwater pumping
  • Facilitate the transfer of allocations at the request of landowners
EDF StoryMap - Water Accounting & Trading Platform

Rosedale-Rio Bravo Open Water Accounting Platform

A pilot project advancing sustainable groundwater management

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We heard loud and clear from landowners that they wanted something straightforward and easy to use. So the accounting portion lets landowners check their water budget very much like they would check their online bank account. The trading portion is similar to Craigslist: A landowner can post an offer to buy or sell water, and a bulletin board shows all the outstanding offers.

Eric Averett | General Manager, Rosedale Rio-Bravo Water Storage District

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