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Conservation Measures Partnership
The Conservation Measures Partnership (CMP) is a joint venture of conservation organizations and collaborators that are committed to improving the practice of conservation. By participating in CMP, member organizations seek to capitalize on their individual and collective experience to avoid duplication of effort, bypass tried but failed approaches, and quickly identify and adopt best practices. CMP strives to serve as a dynamic and active catalyst for promoting innovation in monitoring and evaluation in conservation.

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Hello Miradi 4.4!

With the latest release, the global user-base will enjoy major advancements in building Miradi work plans.

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February 12, 2021

New Miradi Share Features Enable Partial Editing of Diagrams Online

Our partner, Foundations of Success (FOS), recently unveiled user-focused updates to their Miradi Share Conservation Software, which Sitka is proud to have developed. Together with FOS, we give all types of organizations, from small teams to large NGOs, the necessary tools to meet conservation goals more efficiently. Currently, project teams use the classic Miradi Share Desktop application to develop adaptive management plans. Organizations then make use of the online Miradi Share platform to facilitate collaboration for multi-stakeholder projects. We are now moving many of the Desktop features online to Miradi Share.

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