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Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation
Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation's mission is to help ensure that Montana's land and water resources provide benefits for present and future generations.

The Sage Grouse Habitat Conservation Program was created to facilitate implementation of the Executive Orders across state government, by federal land management agencies, and private entities seeking to develop projects in key sage grouse habitats. The program is overseen by the Montana Sage Grouse Oversight Team, and it is administratively hosted by the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation. 

Montana’s goal is to conserve greater sage grouse and key sagebrush habitats so that Montana will maintain authority to manage its own lands, wildlife, and economy. Implementing Montana’s Conservation Strategy will ensure that listing under the federal Endangered Species Act will never be warranted.

Trust Lands Webcast Recording

Montana Trust Lands Management System Redesign

Learn first-hand how the Montana DNRC is building out a phased replacement for their legacy Trust Lands Management System, bringing their users into an expanded, modernized platform without halting operations.

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Custom Software Case Study

Montana Enlists Custom Solution to Protect and Conserve Greater Sage Grouse

When the site went live in April 2017, landowners, industry groups, state agency partners, federal regulators, and others lauded it for its ease of use and improvement over prior system.

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August 5, 2016

We Just Kicked Off Our New Project with Montana

John, Brian, and I are fresh back from a great kickoff meeting with Montana’s Sage Grouse Habitat Conservation Program team. The project: creating a second generation of their Sage Grouse Web App to support consultation on proposed projects that could have an impact on sage grouse habitat. Montana’s IT team created the first generation in a matter of weeks late last year that ranchers, developers, and folks seeking funding or assistance have been using.

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