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Oregon Tilth
Oregon Tilth works to make our food and agriculture biologically sound and socially equitable. When the organization started out, "sustainable agriculture" and "organic" weren’t familiar buzzwords. Forty years later, their core initiatives of certification, education, and advocacy continue to shape food systems that benefit people and planet, together.

The nonprofit was founded on the far-reaching idea that our food and agriculture should be equitable and sustainable. It began as a fringe movement. Now, it almost feels mainstream. But there is a lot more work left to do. They're ready to push on as a community builder, nonprofit leader, informed educator, and passionate disruptor bent on reimagining our $992 billion food system.

Agriculture Software Case Study

Know Your Cost To Grow Application Helps Small- and Mid-Sized Farms Achieve Bottom Line Success

Sitka has developed a web-based open-source application for Oregon Tilth's Know Your Cost To Grow (KYCTG) program.

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