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City of Portland, Oregon
The City of Portland was founded in 1851. Though some histories of Portland begin with Meriwether Lewis and William Clark exploring the area in 1805, these records overlook the rich oral accounts of the Native Americans who inhabited the region long before white settlers arrived. Many of the Portland area landmarks—like the Willamette River and Multnomah Falls—were named by these original inhabitants.

Per the 2015 Parks by the Numbers report, the city's park system spans 11,697 acres which includes 144 developed parks and 7,908 acres of natural areas.

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Portland, Oregon

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July 13, 2016

See What We Learned at the Conservation Manager Roundtable

On June 15th, we were both humbled and honored to host 15 people from eight different organizations for our first Conservation Manager Roundtable. Representatives from Puget Sound down to the Tahoe Basin shared their successes, challenges, and innovate solutions with the group.

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June 3, 2016

Portland Parks Ranked 6th Best in the Nation

Congratulations to the City of Portland for ranking in the top 10 of US cities for the fifth year in a row by the Trust for Public Land! The ParkScore rating system measures whether cities are “meeting the need for parks.” It tracks access, acreage, spending, and amenities. Portland ranked high on the percent of the city’s acreage held as parkland (partially due to the 5172 acres at Forest Park), per capita spending on parks, and ease of access to parks. We also ranked high on number of dog parks.

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